times square church…

went to times square church today…. first time…
the times square church is in the heart of the big apple… with around 8,000 members… David Wilkerson ( author of the best seller “cross and the switchblade“) is the founder of the church.. tby the way, he was there too… there are other pastors and minstry leaders there also…

im not doing an objective evaluation here but just mentioning couple of noteworthy points about certain things of that church…

singing – awesome!! the musicians were very mature in that they didnt attempt to be a prominent ingredient of the music… they let the vocals be the prominent factor… the choir were singing their souls out… even the audience too… but it wud of been better if they cut down on the number of songs a lil bit and give more time to the teaching of the word…

asurers – great!! the asurers were easily identifiable with yellow jackets.. the hall was packed.. and so they asked the people coming in to stand in queue until they cud find a seat for them… if u come in singles, doubles or triples or even more, theyll try to accomodate u together..

communion – having the Lords supper on a weekday is something that u wont see everywhere…  but they had it there and it was well managed..

overhead display – great!! diff camera angles and lyrics on screen made it a useful gadget to the members of the church..

hall – awesome architecture!! i think it is a converted theatre.. gives u the feel of a heavenly grandeur..

finance –  not pushy about taking part in the offerings… if anyone wanted to give some money, they wud have to raise their hands and a person wud attend to them… other than that a “KFC” like bucket will be passed over and u can contribute if u want or not…

eventhough they are like a pentecostal church, i didnt really see anyone speaking in tongues today… but there was instructions about the speaking of the tongues as part of todays sermon… they also taught that salvation cannot be lost as opposed to the traditional pentecostal teaching… the pastors were not overly dramatic… there are a lot of ministries there.. something noteworthy is that they consider services like assuring, taking care of the communion utensils and maintaining church as ministries, and regard it as equal to the choir, international ministries and other ministries that are commonly considered above others… overall it was a great experience.. would recommend the times square church to another person..


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  1. After spending twenty years in a spiritual abusive church, the Lord used Times Square Church to minister to my family and friends and get us back on track regarding our relationship with Him. We had come to a place in our lives where we were following the rules and standards of men and not drawing close to the Lord through His word and prayer to create a relationship with Him. Over the last four years we have been able to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, fasting, and the reading of His word. Times Square Church and other Holy Spirit inspired teachings (like some of those you mention on your home page at sermon index) have helped us build and further our new and wonderful – personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of what we have gone through, we know the importance of making the Lord #1 in your life and not men and the legalism that sometimes comes with mans standard and not Christ. To God be the Glory! I am soooo….thankful for His grace and mercy and unending love He has for us. When we are not able to visit, we listen to the current message on their web site: http://www.tscnyc.org God Bless!

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