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its been quite a while since ive posted something… y? well due to various reasons.

1. my initial blogging craze had a heart attack and died tragically and is gradually recuperating…

2. my focus got bifurcated and then trifurcated and then four-furcated and….

so y am i posting now?? well, i came across some info that i think the world must know about!! well at least people of 40 countries… go to for more info.. i just dont know how it works, but it does.. unfortunately we indians need to wait…

so here’s how it works: call 712-858-8883.

at the prompt, press 1 for english. then punch in 011, the country code and the phone number. that’s it. the call rings through immediately. cant get any better!! for the life in me, i just cant figure out y this is a free service.. their website says its to gather publicity and trust, but i seriously doubt that.. but hey it works, y care about the rest??


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