pivot grid

pivot table sounds cool, right? so does lamborghinis and beethovan compositions.. just kiddn.. 😉 this was something i came across today…
pivot tables are used extensively by people in the financial sector… there are mainly 4 parts to a pivot table…

1. filter fields

2. data fields

3. row fields

4. column fields

pivot tables are basically used for multi dimensional analysis of data…  devexpress has a pivot grid component.. with absolutely no code, u can just specify the data fields in the object inspector and start using it as pivot grid… the fields in the data fields should be numeric so u can do the sub/grand total… arranging fields in the row and column is a personal preferance.. it doesnt really matter where the fields to be analysed are.. the filter fields is similair to the “where” clause in SQL… the pivot grid is quite intimidating at first but really useful for analysis after figuring out how to use it….


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