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here’s a deal…

u giv an idea…. if i implement it, n its profitable, i giv u half of net profit… nw dont ask me for idea… if i had one, i wud not ask u.. i wud had implement it and kept all profit..

i sound stupid dont i?? i guess for me its one of those days where u feel stupid, think stupid and write stupid.. happy stupidity day!!! hi five!!


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tasteless fashion

ive always been on the “shabbily dressed”/ “bum like ” end of the fashion spectrum… n today i proved it again.. my uncle, 67 years old, was getting his bags ready to fly to india in couple of days… in my sincerest attempt to help him out in deciding wat to wear during travel, i suggested a white t shirt with a khaki pant and dark khaki overcoat.. my suggestion seemed gud to me.. but once i saw the disgusted look on my uncles face on hearing that suggestion, i realised i havent risen on the spectrum.. my tastes are still tasteless.. ive always wondered wat luks gud on me or wat i luk gud in.. either way, i think its going to be tasteless.. so lets spare ourselves of the attempt n find better things to do in life..

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first day of ’07

went to sleep at 3am.. got up at 12.30 pm… there goes half a day!! setup a Cisco VPNĀ  client so I could connect to work using remote desktop connection.. might sound a lot, but just took 3 minutes!! the rest of the day i spent reading tech news, watching videos on youtube and “stumbling” links which is by the way an awesome way to kill time.. there goes a day… 364 more left to waste!!

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