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automatedqa products

automatedqa is a company well respected by testers. ive been using some of its products lately. its got a couple of good ones..

automtated build studio is a great macro builder. it integrates with all popular tools to automate processes. eg: heres a scenario i had to go through. i specified the files of the program, the .ocx to be registered, the misc setups to be run after the setup, icons to be put on the desktop, tasks to be executed and so on in INNO setup compiler. after the compilation process i had to put the firebird installation and the created setup in a self executing archive using WINRAR. automated build studio helps builds a macro that does all the above steps in a single click!

testcomplete is a testing tool that allows u to write scripts (in delphi, vb or c++) to test ur product. u can either record the test process or manually write a script. u can also take screen shots of the form or object properties and compare it programmatically with an expected result. pretty cool. testcomplete has recieved a lot of awards from the and delphi groups.

AQtime is the performance and memory profiler for Win32 and .NET applications. Over two dozen performance and memory profilers and productivity tools included. Big boys like macromedia and corel use this tool to do load testing


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SDLC = Sofware Development LifeCycle.. today i started messing around with a testing a tool called “TestComplete” from automatedQA. TestComplete is an automated test manager, with project level support for the full range of internal and UI testing. Seems complicated. I guess i’ll get a grip on it in a couple more days. Using this tool you can create a test bed consisting of essential functionalities that should work and then run a script thatll execute all the functionalities and give the results. So what does that got to do with SDLC? Well, with this new project, ive now been associated with all the stages of a standard SDLC. Analysis -> Designing-> Coding -> Testing -> Deployment. Yipee!!

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firebird components

firebird is a free database engine which is fast and unlike sql server does not have to be detached from the processes when a snapshot is taken.. the latest version is 1.5.3 .. it supports .gdb and .fdb database types…

i was working on a setup program that installed an emergency server on one of the workstations when the database server is not available.. the program i created did a silent install of the firebird engine (by using the /SILENT command line parameter).. firebird has the following components


2.classic server


4.development and administration utilities


i thought just specifying a “superserver” component as a parameter would install the server, dev and admin utilities.. but oh was i wrong!! the program blew up during a live installation on a clients computer.. nor was the backup utility called fbak installed.. embarassing.. i had to explicitly specify the /Components=”superservercomponent, servercomponent, devadminutilities, clientcomponent” parameter.. all when you thought super was actually super.. i guess not.. oh well.. at least its working now!!

UPDATE: this post is getting a lot of hits… so for those of u who are curious abt the code in INNO, here it is:


Exec(ExpandConstant(‘{src}’) + ‘\Firebird-’, ‘/SP /SILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS=”SuperServerComponent, ServerComponent, DevAdminComponent, ClientComponent” ‘,”,SW_ShowNormal,ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode)


Exec(ExpandConstant(‘{src}’) + ‘\Firebird-’, ‘/SP /SILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS=”ClientComponent” /COPYFBCLIENT’,”,SW_ShowNormal,ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode);

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13,000 lines and one button click

so theres xml, something that everone knows.. and then theres xslt 2.0 which as of today has only a draft recommendation which was formally published in nov,2005. and there are only two free fully functional processors in the whole world for it… saxon ( developed by michael kay, a member of the xslt recommendation commitee) and altovas xslt 2.0 processor.. stylustudio has xslt 2.0 support but no free thingie and by the way is always beefing about altova (the industry standard).. on their website theyve got a couple of pages detailing why its better than altova.. i tried out both and recommend altova tools…

a couple of months ago i had to write a program to generate a CCR (continuity of care record) which is based on the xml standard. the CCR is basically an xml document that consists of patient information (allergies, medications, insurance, SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment and plan) notes, etc) in a particular schema (XSD). using this standard format, intercommunication among hospitals, insurance agencies, private practises will be less dirty.

plan of action:

1. generated the delphi classes using the delphi XSD class generator (found in borland delphi enterprise edition)

2. entered sample data and validated the document using altovas xmlspy.

3. created a stlye sheet using xslt 2.0 and xpath

4. created a program that generated the xml (using data from the database) using the classes (created using the xsd class generator) and then created an html page with this data transformed by the .xslt stylesheet (made possible by the altova xslt 2.0 processor COM interface in delphi) .

but in the gui, theres just this one button labelled “CCR” that makes the functionality look so simple and my 3 weeks of work a piece of cake.. man i sweated my brain out trying to study all these things all at the same time.. at the end? almost 13,000 lines of code mapped to a single button click.. depressing.. well, at least the work is done for now…

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delphi vs. C#

C# and Delphi have the same father. Anders Hejlsberg. C# is from microsoft and delphi from borland..

i was initially a C# guy, but now im starting to like DELPHI more than C# . here are some random thoughts why…

1. there are lesser layers and so the program runs faster in delphi
2. more comfortable to access win32 apis in a delphi environment..
3. more intuitive… ( the concept of streaming whether be it with files, memory or network is not all that intuitive initially in C#)
4. a whole lot of free components are widely available for delphi.. (though not free, dev express grids are awesome.. but .net has this too)
5. the ‘with’ operator.. dont think it is available with C#
6. u can start the array from any number unlike in c# where the array index should start from 0 when initialising..

things i dont like about delphi
1. instead of the { } in C#, you use ‘begin’ and ‘end’ keywords.. majorly sucks!!
2. no ‘foreach’ keyword.
3. i prefer C# ‘=’ operator as opposed to delphis ‘:=’ assignment operators ( remember, to get the ‘:’ u need to use the shift key!! another major sucker.. for a better coverage of this topic, check out comparison of C# and Delphi


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