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i went outta state!!

i came to the US on jan 10, 2006… and today was the second last day of the year… couple of days ago, i was having a conversation with one of ma friends… it was about travelling and sight seeing..  he asked me whether i went out of state after coming to the US… i said no and he said, “tats so messed up  man!!”… me being an adventurous person, i kinda felt bad for being commented about my life of unadventure since coming to the US!

i was always planning to get ma license and rent a car and go visitin outta state, but been procrastinating about scheduling a road test.. i got my learners.. but theres not point in having that coz i need a person in the car with a ny state license to “baby sit” my driving as i am a threat to the society!! all i need now was to pass the road test to get ma license.. but anyways, today i WENT OUTTA STATE!!! the place was in new jersey, just a couple miles of away from the border of new york.. my cousin was going to pickup his new toyota sienna from the showroom in nj and i decided to tag along.. im happy that i got to go outta state with just 1 day left to end the year!! nothing really exciting… it just seems that theres more space outta ny.. anyways, whew!! close call!!


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saddam hanged…

the crime that was charged against saddam that led to his hanging was that he authorised the torture and killing of a lot of people in dujail coz 6 youngsters from that place tried to assasinate him… i saw the edited version of the hanging video( with the “viewer discretion advised due to graphic content” note ) on CNN and the unedited footage leaked out of the execution room using a phone!! (nt linking here coz i find it quite disturbing)

i think mr. bush and mr. rumsfield shud of had hanged first… because of ’em, the country of iraq has apparently turned into an anarchy… more people are suffering and being killed than it shud had if saddam was ruling today… if saddam was punished in such an inhumane way coz he killed and tortured people, how much more shud bush and rumsfield be punished.. im not justifying saddams actions.. im just saying that all three, bush, rumsfield n saddam are guilty of killing and torturing people.. but bush and rumsfield even more.. the war college predicted such kind of aftermath (civil war n hence lotta people dying) but bush n rumsfield ears fell deaf to it..

reasons for america attacking iraq

1. pre – eminent attack :- america thought saddam had weapons powerful enough to reach the US and destroy it.. its yet to be proved

2. saddam tortured his people :- with 80% shia population who is against his 20% sunni population of course saddam tortured and frightened people so that his clan cud be safe.. in the present scenario, coz of US “dethronment” of saddam and “enthronment” of shia leaders, there is even more torture and anarchy…

bush man, ur a complete failure!! so is ur buddy rumsfield… u guys have ruined a lotta lives… wonder y u didnt extend ur “helping hand” into the starving and war torn countries of africa instead… no oil eh??

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david blaine with no magic skills

yesterday i saw a 3 minute video about being successful on (too lazy to find out the exact link and post it here).. in short, a person is not financially successful just because hes smart or hard working.. its because hes “passionate“.. he/she ( to be diplomatic gender wise!! 😉 ) is passionate about something that is considered valuable by people and delivers it right…  so what??  well i tried  to  find out something that i was passionate about… its been since 30 hours since ive watched the video and i still havent found out..

i do IT.. but am i passionate about it? i dont think so.. i like it, but not so passionate enough to spend $2000 for some training on a new technology.. new technologies  come out so often and before u know it i wud be broke if i started going for all of em.. but do i make an attempt in understanding it through personal research?? yes.. so am i passionate?? no!! wats the point of this exercise?? i dunno!

have u seen david blaine doing his escapade? him cruched up and bound with heavy chains and locks that make it so difficult to breathe?? and then magically he comes out of it?? well, i kinda feel like that now.. blaine bound but bithout bthe bmagic bskills..   dont live alone. with my uncle… dont have a car.. ride with uncle.. work + commute ~ 12 hours…. weather? cold to do anything!! bored? heck yeah!!

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