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datalist, datagrid or repeater

in, visual studio 2005 provides you with 3 controls to view data from a source.. all three controls are populated by using a datasource (which can be a database, xml, odbc sources..) by using the databind() method.

1. repeater is the basic of all the three

2. datagrid is easy to use. u can connect to a datasource and view a display in just 2 lines of code.. but there are limitations on specifying the display of the DataGrid’s data

3. datalist is the most flexible.. u can specify a header, footer, seperator, edititem and alternatingitem templates.. u can also specify the layout (vertical or horizontal) and the number of columns.. really cool..



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delphi vs. C#

C# and Delphi have the same father. Anders Hejlsberg. C# is from microsoft and delphi from borland..

i was initially a C# guy, but now im starting to like DELPHI more than C# . here are some random thoughts why…

1. there are lesser layers and so the program runs faster in delphi
2. more comfortable to access win32 apis in a delphi environment..
3. more intuitive… ( the concept of streaming whether be it with files, memory or network is not all that intuitive initially in C#)
4. a whole lot of free components are widely available for delphi.. (though not free, dev express grids are awesome.. but .net has this too)
5. the ‘with’ operator.. dont think it is available with C#
6. u can start the array from any number unlike in c# where the array index should start from 0 when initialising..

things i dont like about delphi
1. instead of the { } in C#, you use ‘begin’ and ‘end’ keywords.. majorly sucks!!
2. no ‘foreach’ keyword.
3. i prefer C# ‘=’ operator as opposed to delphis ‘:=’ assignment operators ( remember, to get the ‘:’ u need to use the shift key!! another major sucker.. for a better coverage of this topic, check out comparison of C# and Delphi


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