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September 30th FREE Admission to Museums

Museum Day 2006:
What is Museum Day ? On September 30, 2006, for one day only, around 400 museums across the country will join the Smithsonian Institution in its long-standing tradition of offering free admission to visitors.

To find a museum near you participating in Museum Day go here

Download the Museum Day Card. This card is good for two people at any of the hundreds of participating museums.

Wud i go ? NO !! not even on a free ticket?? NO WAY!! posted this so that if any one of my “invincible readers” were interested they wud be happy.. for some reason i view museums as a display booth for static objects.. y go all the way there to see non dynamic things?? i see plenty of static things on my way to work!! i think that’ll do good for me… hee he.. museum buffs, enjoy!!


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avanade is a company that helps other enterprises to implement microsoft solutions… they have a product called ACA.NET that is an extension of the .NET framework and makes coding for enterprise solutions easier… the company was started by a partnership with accenture and microsoft in 2000.. around 5000 employees now… offices all around the world including india…

today i had an interview with a person from that company… now heres my problem… i still dont know how to pronounce ‘avanade’ 😉 ..

is it ‘a‘ as in acorn, ‘van‘ as in van and ‘ade‘ as in the last part of lemonade?? or

is it ‘avan‘ as in the malayalam avan (meaning ‘him’) and ‘ade‘ as in malayalam adi (meaning ‘hit’) ?? or

is it  ‘a‘ as in apple, ‘van‘ as in van and ‘ade‘ as in the last part of lemonade?? or

is it ‘avan‘ as in the malayalam avan  and ‘ade‘ as in the last part of lemonade?? or

is it  ‘a‘ as in apple, ‘van‘ as in van  and ‘ade‘ as in ad?? or

is it ….


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an “international” joke .. hee he…

heres somthing i came across on the web.. besides the indian and south american part, i think it is true… i think the south americans should of been replaced with the chinese… dont trust me? well, check out what peter russel has to say!!
“Last month, a worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was:

Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?

The survey was a huge failure. Here’s why:

In  Africa  they didn’t know what  food meant.
In  India  they didn’t know what  honest  meant.
In  Europe  they didn’t know what  shortage meant.
In  China  they didn’t know what  opinion  meant.
In the  Middle East, they didn’t know what  solution meant.
In  South America, they didn’t know what  please  meant.
And, in the  USA, they didn’t know what  ‘rest of the world’ meant. ”

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God’s love

2 Corinthians 5:21a
“He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf”

separation is not always good especially when it comes into relations.

sin always create a separation in relations. we see that in the garden of Eden when Adam & Eve were permanently banished from there. we also see it when the glory of the Lord departs from the temple in Jerusalem when the people of Judah’s sin became so intolerable.

and it was that kind of a separation that satan wanted to create between God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ in the wilderness when Jesus was taken there to be tempted. the tempter there was no lesser demon or spirit but the devil, the father of evil himself. the devil in his fullness of evil tried everything in his capacity to cause our Lord Jesus Christ to sin and thereby create a separation between Father God and our Lord Jesus Christ who were bonded together throughout eternity.

the devil couldn’t do it. but ur sin and my sin did it. God made Him who knew no sin, our Lord Jesus Christ, to be sin on our behalf. and when the Lord Jesus Christ bore that sin on the cross, Father God poured out his wrath on it and as a result there was separation. that is why Jesus cries out, “My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me?” that was the graveness of our sin. the Lord Jesus Christ drank that cup of wrath to the very last drop. at the same time the picture of the cross reminds us of the abundance of Gods love, mercy and grace. thank God for that.

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just when u think everything is aright…

there’s a store named belmanopaly on 7th ave. between 24 and 25 street… its a pizza place.. they make good pizzas, jojo breads, lasagnas and grandmas pizza… pretty cheap too… today evening i went there, opened the door and stood at the counter.. gave my order for a $1.10 sausage jojo bread (told ya it was cheap!).. after 2 minutes i get my order and walk back to the door, opened it and gave a casual glance backward as it closed on me.. i was shocked to see a yellow sign that wasnt on it earlier.. this is what it said “CLOSED“… and on the next line “due to violations” it was posted by the ny city health and mental hygiene department.. all in 2 minutes!! i guess the place i was so fond of wasnt actually something to be fond of.. dirty ?? sad…


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under $5 wireless antenna

for those of you who want to increase ur wireless range, heres a good option

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we have a backyard that is about 150 sq. meters… couple of days ago it looked like a “baby jungle”… we asked a guy if he could put lawn on it.. he said yeah and that it wud cost us $1950 only… YIKES!!! so we ( my cousin and I ) made a gameplan to do it ourselves in order to save a couple of bucks.. we start in an unconventional way by using a 14” black & decker trimmer to cut the weeds that stood at around 2 feet to ground level… then we rented ($52 for 4 hours from home depot) a 5 and a half HP tiller (honda fc 600) to till the ground…. that machine was indeed a beast!! it took the two of us to run it along the ground.. a day after the whole event, the muscles in the back and shoulder area are so sore.. but that was not what i wanted to convey through this post…

here are a couple of facts that should get u thinking…

1. grass is the largest irrigated crop in the US.. even more than corn.. other than that of aesthetical beauty, it has absolutely no utility ( an economic term)… in fact planting grass over a large area harms the biodiversity of that region…

2. around 60% of all US residential water is used for landscaping, especially for grass… contrast that with the millions that have water as a scarce commodity.. especially in africa…

3. the US houshold spends $1200 annually for professional lawn care services…. thats more than the annual income for many in poorer countries…

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