heres something that i heard today.. a man who was 29 years old suffered a massive heartattack while playing volleyball and passed away.. leaving a 26 year old wife with despondance and a plethora of questions… for the humankind it was just another soul that visited earth and went by.. but for his parents, it was their sense of security.. for his siblings it was their joy of companionship.. for his wife, it was the pillar of support.. who ever expected that a person who shouldered so much reponsibilities would have an abrupt end? that so called ‘man’ belonged to the same category that i belonged to.. in the twenties..

today is a gift from God. thats why its called present!!”

a quote found on a blog

though not completely true, it alludes to the fact that the reason you are alive today is because God has allowed ur heart to make another lub or dub.. be grateful and enjoy that heart beat… u or i may be that next person with an abrupt end..


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