send limit in gmail??

wat the heck??!! if you go to landing page, you see an ever moving counter indicating the ever growing gmail inbox size limit. but did you know there was a sending limit. i mean, literally, you cant send the same message to more than 500 recipients a day. i know 500 may sound a lot, but its not. in this day and age of social networking, you tend to meet a lotta people and keep their contact infos.

yesterday i came across this awesome video (heres the link by the way) and i thought of sending it to everyone in my contacts list, 550 by the way. it was the very first time i ever tried doing a mass emailing (a.k.a spamming). i did that successfully, but when i tried to send a diff message to one of my friends, i came across this message. wierd. now i got to wait till 12am, for the next day, to get this message across. SHOOT!!!

gmail send limit


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