i went outta state!!

i came to the US on jan 10, 2006… and today was the second last day of the year… couple of days ago, i was having a conversation with one of ma friends… it was about travelling and sight seeing..  he asked me whether i went out of state after coming to the US… i said no and he said, “tats so messed up  man!!”… me being an adventurous person, i kinda felt bad for being commented about my life of unadventure since coming to the US!

i was always planning to get ma license and rent a car and go visitin outta state, but been procrastinating about scheduling a road test.. i got my learners.. but theres not point in having that coz i need a person in the car with a ny state license to “baby sit” my driving as i am a threat to the society!! all i need now was to pass the road test to get ma license.. but anyways, today i WENT OUTTA STATE!!! the place was in new jersey, just a couple miles of away from the border of new york.. my cousin was going to pickup his new toyota sienna from the showroom in nj and i decided to tag along.. im happy that i got to go outta state with just 1 day left to end the year!! nothing really exciting… it just seems that theres more space outta ny.. anyways, whew!! close call!!


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