just when u think everything is aright…

there’s a store named belmanopaly on 7th ave. between 24 and 25 street… its a pizza place.. they make good pizzas, jojo breads, lasagnas and grandmas pizza… pretty cheap too… today evening i went there, opened the door and stood at the counter.. gave my order for a $1.10 sausage jojo bread (told ya it was cheap!).. after 2 minutes i get my order and walk back to the door, opened it and gave a casual glance backward as it closed on me.. i was shocked to see a yellow sign that wasnt on it earlier.. this is what it said “CLOSED“… and on the next line “due to violations” it was posted by the ny city health and mental hygiene department.. all in 2 minutes!! i guess the place i was so fond of wasnt actually something to be fond of.. dirty ?? sad…



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2 responses to “just when u think everything is aright…

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