aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! this is an unsafe world!!!

this world is unsafe.. heres why..

i thought WEP was secure until i read a couple of articles online.. tools like kismet and aircrack (along with airdump) can be used to crack the network key… i even saw a video that showed how to use these tools… use a network key for ur wireless connection that is not in the dictionary… even if u do it, the password can be cracked, but itll take considerable amount of time…

windows local password can be easily cracked using linux distros that are bootable from the CD.. if u get the hash of the password, there are tools online that reveals it in plain text..

lockpicking is something that even a child can do.. theres an MIT guide to lockpicking online and plenty of videos on youtube…

cars with keyless entry can be broken into in less than 30 minutes.. all u have to do is enter a code that is around 3129 digits long.. go here for more info.. prolly thats how david beckham lost two of his BMW X5..

man this place is quite unsafe!!


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