mixer – gain, eq, fader, aux

i’ve been involved with music from a fairly young age, 2nd grade to be precise.. i started learning carnatic music from Nilamboor Karthikeyan, a person who was part of KJ Yeshudas’s band called Tharangani.. learned for almost one year.. i used the skills attained to play the keyboard.. after around 11 years, i migrated to piano playing… then to rhythm guitar, then to bass guitar and now a little of drums.. all through out the journey, the mixer was one piece of equipment i’ve had to come across quite often…

lately i was involved with re-wiring and adjusting the mixer at church… allthough very familiar with its functions, i got a better understanding in the way it works after reading this article today…

to get a better understanding of watt, ohm, speaker arrangement and stuff, go here 


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