sept 11, 2001… 5 years later..

i view the events that happened on 9/11/01 in couple angles.. i’m not being insensitive, just objective..

1. years of meticulous planning executed in almost precise fashion in just couple of hours..

2. a catastrophe that brought majority of the whole nation under the banner of prayer… when was the last time a prayer was offered in the congress? when was the last time a day of prayer was declared?

3. the sudden death of around 3,500 persons who might/might not change the course of history.. but one thing was certain.. sadly, they became part of an event that did change history…

today i was watching a movie on ABC ( i think they made it) about the events that led to the 9/11 tragedy.. it was all avoidable.. some lapses here and there, some neglect here and there, led to that tragedy…

i pray that such an event never happens again.. but the 9/11 commission report points otherwise.. in december 2005, when it came out, out of the 41 recommendations that were put forth, today the status of implementation of four of them are graded with F and 12 with D.. the only A that was given, was for counter terrorism spending… how much are we ready? is anyone even thinking of ways to counter digital terrorism? what if the whole internet infrastructure was brought down by some kind of sophisticated attacks??


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