xv6700 firmware update and s/w

went here and installed the new update as per instructions… although it said itll take 20 min, it just took around 10… also applied the

1.portrait/landscape speed increase and

2. storage card cache increase

registry changes as seen on the linked page… was concerned if it would screw up my phone but it didnt… now i have a lock/unlock device link on the “today” screen.. the communications manager looks better.. and best of all it now allows u to simultaneouly use the wifi and the phone service… heres a piece of advise… setup a verizon wireless sync account and sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes before the update coz the update wipes away everything stored on ur phone memory, not storage memory…

here are a couple of free things i’ve installed on my phone…

1. pocket e-sword – u can put different versions of the Bible, commentaries and dictionary on ur phone..

2. eten dialer – gives u a cooler and bigger phone pad.. i installed the vista theme..

3. tre – registry editor

4. metro – awesome s/w that gives u shortest routes in the major cities of the world, including ny, bombay and delhi… it also gives u info about nj transit, mta subway, lirr, etc routes..

here’s a great site for a lot of free/cheap pocket pc and smartphone softwares


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