wireless frustrations..

for the past couple of days, i would loose connection to my wireless connection, ceteris paribus.. i would get it back but only after 15-20 min… right when ur in the middle of doing something, ur connection looses.. really frustrating.. but the funny part was that the dumb card wont admit to that fact… the all loving windows vanilla colored pop up would just say “limited connectivity”,falsely giving some hope… i peered a lil more and found out the error message was “IP could not be renewed”.

my IP was obtained from the DHCP service running on my router… there was no straight forward reason for that error message.. so i thought that if i would change all the IP on the network to a static one, my prob wud be solved (besides i could save some precious bandwidth by avoiding the DHCP packets) .. i was right.. only partially though… heres what i did..

1. i disabled the DHCP on the router

2. i set the IP address of all the comps accessing the network to a static one.. all the above mentioned steps should of solved the prob but without the next u wudnt be able to access the web..

3. i also set the gateway and the DNS address of all the comps to the IP of the router.. this took me a while to figure out. if this isnt set, you would be able to access the network but not the web… this took a long time to figure out…

for now everthing is looking good..


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