good bible study tool links

for free exhaustive bible study, go to

for a whole lot of free sermons, mostly from the prominent people of the past like tozer, macdonald, spurgeon etc. and some of the present like zac poonen, go to

this post will be updated as and when i see more good links…


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One response to “good bible study tool links

    PRAISE THE LORD .Greetings to you in the sweet name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ .I found your e-mail id from the Website.I am happy to have in contact with you through this mail.


    Having been born as a last and eighth son in an Hindu family where my Father was an atheist leader and my mother a secret CSI Christian .My parents passed away when I was in the age of 13,my elder brothers refused to take care of me and I was desperately thrown to the stage of an orphan .I left my native village and went to Chennai the capital city of Tamilnadu South India .I joined to work in a recreation club where my heart did not want to stay. It was like Sodom& Gomorrah for me to be there .All I knew was Jesus is the living God but I haven’t worshipped him right from birth because of my father .I kept some candles in the shape of a cross and prayed to JESUS to deliver me from that place .By Gods grace I got a new job and earned my living all alone .I did not have peace in my heart nor happiness on my face, I longed for love, affection and care but in vain.

    In such a situation a friend of mine took me to a church which was strange to me .I saw people being filled in the holy spirit which my friend explained me .I was neither able to accept nor deny the holy spirit and I continued to pray with a vow that if God fills me with his spirit on the next day meeting, I promised to serve him in his ministry till my death .God heard my prayers and the next day at the very start of the meeting THE HAND OF GOD TOUCHED ME WITH HIS MIGHTY ANNOINTING. Immediately I submitted to do the will of my father. God blessed me with his measureless love wiped away all my tears and filled me with his everlasting joy and confirmed the calling for my ministry.

    I started the lords ministry all alone in a village named Gandarvakottai in the year 1989.I was the only person who had accepted Christ in that whole village .I started serving the lord with the children ministry and slowly God opened the way towards the elders. Ofcourse it took a long time where I had to undergo many days of starving ,sleeping in the forest when nobody came forward to give me a room for stay and many other tribulations all for the sake of Christ. But God’s eyes was upon me who saw every step of mine filled me with the gifts of the holy spirit and helped me start his ministry with five members. I used to wait in the presence of the lord for hours together where God strengthened me through his promises and visions and the future blessings of this ministry. God gave me the name for our church as

    After five years God blessed this ministry abundantly .As God has given me the gifts of driving out the demon possessed, Breaking the witch crafts and sorceries and healing the sick. Many people have been delivered and have accepted Christ as their personal saviour. From this small village God raised many servants of God and as the lord has kept the Apostlic annointing over me God helped us in establishing the courts of our ministry.. In the year 2000 God showed me my life partner in a vision and confirmed the will of God through many ways. We got married in the year 2001 and God has blessed us with 2 sons.
    At present there are 35 full time workers and 15 branch churches in our ministries.I was the only Christian when I came to this village but now God has brought 1000’s of believers (including all branch churches) 4 elder brothers were given ordination as pastors in the year 2004 for main churches and for the village churches we have assigned either two brothers or a family.

    Before marriage I handed over the main churches to the elder brothers and moved to the city of Pudukkottai.We started with a small gathering .Now we expect 1000 people with in the abundant grace of God we are able to do the ministries in faith. I thank and praise God who has done marvelous things in my life and I still hope and believe that God will do great things in the years to come. Please do remember our ministries in your prayers.HALLELUIAH!

    I am mailing you with 2 reasons
    (1.)We need many books for Bible College
    we are starting a bible college for men as a 1 year course and each batch will have 40 students. To run the college we need a proper library and therefore we need some spiritual books, bible commentaries(English), concordances, reference bibles and many other books which can help in theology ,if you have any of these books either one or two we request you to send us so that you can also join us in building the lords kingdom and help us in promoting our ministry . You can also convey this to your friends and relatives and help us.We don’t mind receiving even the used books.

    (2).We need Supporters
    As we are also with a burden to raise many churches in the Gospel unreached areas we are working hard in many villages . For every field we have appointed either a family or two brothers . The monthly expense for each field comes nearly about 2000 rupees
    (50 US$) We will be happy if you can support atleast one fields expense either on behalf of your church or by your prayer cell groups or by a single person. If you would like to contribute we would send the workers photographs and their monthly reports to you. If by any case your unable to help us you can always support us by your prayers .When you come to India your always welcome to visit our places.


    Yours in Christ,
    Pastor Kaivalyam David
    Founder &President(Ark of Jesus Christ Ministries
    65,muthu nagar,kadayakudi-po,pudukkottai-622003

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