a recent grads hunt for a job in the american software industry… part III

so around 3 weeks have passed since my first interview… now equipped with some asp.net and sql i was ready to take on the world.. with these two new buzz words i posted my resume on all popular job sites.. in couple of days, the phone started ringing… most calls were from head hunters… i used to get couple of calls daily.. most head hunters after reading my resume thought that i had couple of years of experience.. but i didnt.. just 3 months with developing a s/w for a hospital in India using C# and ADO.NET ( MS Access table)… after talking with me about my experience most of em drop the call abruptly…

interview #1

i got my first interview with adaptmedia… its a small firm thats really successful.. companies including the fortune 500 give them ads to display on their electronic signboards on top of the taxis in new york, boston and some other places.. the taxi drivers get a flat monthly rate… the company rakes in huge profits from the ads… the peculiarity is that the firm knows which taxis are in which places in the city.. certain ads are location specific.. its a pretty complex system that is patented.. well anyways, the guy there interviewed me and seemed to like me.. there were absolutely no technical quest.. just ques abt my experience.. so he said that they might call me for a second interview which they did.. they gave me a job offer which i initially accepted and later had to refuse for a better opportunity…

interview #2

another small firm in the city that implemented software projects for companies…  they were purely microsoft technology guys and gold certified partners…they gave me a pretty good test.. took me an hour to complete… test was pretty ok.. i left the interview pretty confident that i wud land myself a job there… but later on they sent me a mail saying that i was too junior for the position… well, at least they replied…

interview #3

visual data… the company i am working now.. they asked me some questions just to know how my thought process was..  they liked me.. i also came to know that i had to work with delphi which was quite a disappointment… but then later on i came to realise that it wasnt bad afterall..  i told them that i had already got an offer and if they wanted me they wud have to let me know within 2 days… they said they cudnt coz there were other people to be interview which were scheduled well into the next week..  but i told them, anyways let me know their decision… on the second day, they called me for a second interview and gave me a job offer which i accepted…

interview #4 

bearing point… this was a fortune 500 company that was in the top 10 software developing companies.. this was some place that i wanted to be.. it had the look of corporate america.. their financial division arranged an interview with me.. i met the other interview candidate.. that dude had 8 years of experience.. so the end result was certain that i wudnt get in there… it was a 2 stage interview.. the first guy who was also the project manager, liked me.. the other oriental dude was kinda ignoring my concerns.. it was the near perfect place to be.. although burdened with 75% travel time and 80 hours weeks, i dont think i wud of had mind…

conclusion : the hunt is over.. had to get better guns in the venture.. if no experience, then finding a job is real difficult.. if uve got c#, couple it with asp.net, sql and xml…


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