a recent grads hunt for a job in the american software industry… part II

part 2 and phase 2!! phase 1 was all about acquainting with the interview process… phase 1 got over and i was left with a burnt hand and busted hope! to avoid that again, i was determined to be loaded with some asp.net and sql stuff… went to the nearby library and borrowed some huge sized books.. ( one thing about america is that everything about it is large! the country, the people, the food.. almost everything u can think of is foung in bigger versions here) folks at home thought that i was either preparing a thesis or trying to be the next computer einstein! i said no, just trying to get a job…
one thing that i realised was that if ur looking for a job as a C# guy, then u’ll definitely need asp.net and sql coupled with it.. if u’ve got xml and some multi tier development experience, then all the better… after around 2-3 weeks of self study using the borrowed books and online resources ( thanks google!), i felt more confident.. i added those two buzz words to my resume and sent it to every job site and job board that i cud find ( monster.com , dice.com , careerbuilder.com , ajb.dni.us and so forth).. i preferred craigslist.org .. though very vanilla looking, google, amazon and their likes post jobs on that site.. there was a whole lot of head hunters calling me too. most of them ended the talk quite abruptly whent hey learned that i didnt have much experience.. i figured out that this was my next problem.. where in the world wud i get some experience unless someone opens up some opportunity?

the biggest head hunter in the world is robert half … they have different divisions.. their technologies division invited me to thier office saying that they think they had something in stock for me.  before even meeting with a representative, they made me sign a whole lot of papers that involved me giving away my social security number too… i thought that the next step was them giving me a job offer even without an interview!! their representative was very eloquent.. building up my morale.. they gave me a test.. they said that my scores were 10% higher than the world average.. that remark made my pride sky rocket to a higher level.. later i came to know that this was the typical head hunter technique.. they even advised me against taking up a job offer i got saying that theyll have better opportunities for me..

within two weeks, i got calls from companies that saw my resume from craigslist.org and monster.com… my advise is to turn to headhunters as the last of all resort.. they are a pain in the u know where.. they lift u and ditch u all in a heartbeat.. lets say that they get a job for u, then a good chunk of ur sal will go to them on a monthly basis..

more on the interviews in the next part.. stay tuned…


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