Indian Woman Starts Million Rupee Homepage

heres something i came across…

A 28-year-old Indian woman who last December started, an advertising billboard on the Internet for Indians alone, has already earned around $5000, not an insignificant sum in India, The Hindu Business Line reports.

Sunaina Bansal hopes to emulate the success of Briton Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page from which Tew reportedly earned a million dollars. ‘Crorepati’ is a Hindi word that means ‘One who owns a crore of Rupees.’ A crore is equal to 10 million, so a crore of rupees would be about $227,272. The better-known advertisers on Bansal’s page are matrimonial site, engineering conglomerate Kirloskar and

Bansal started the page offering one million pixels — that will remain active for a minimum of five years –for 10 rupees each, which is 23 cents. Advertisers can buy these pixels in 100 pixel-squares measuring 10 by 10 pixels and the page has been designed to have 10,000 of 100 pixel squares. A click on each advertisement or slogan links visitors to the advertiser’s Web page.”

very interesting!!! 😉


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