wireless connection…

i really dont think the world is ready for a completely wireless based system.. wireless connectons are unpredictable.. at one moment at a place u might see the wireless signals as “excellent” and then couple of min later at the same place u’ll see the lil icon on ur task bar burping with “limited connectivity or no connection” pop up… the potential for crashing a system is relatively high as opposed to wired PCs in such a scenario.. (im not talking about the high end routers like the types made by cisco but rather about the mid-range $70 – $150 ones)
lets say ur passing a dataset ( a relatively large one ) and then ur wireless ethernet card burps with tat message.. ur almost absolutely doomed!! theres a very very high chance that ur database has been corrupted… for those of u who’ve done database recovery u’ll know the rest of the story.. lets put it this way.. its like a monkey sitting on top of a tall stack of hay and sticking his hand inside thinking he’ll get some bananas 🙂 !! might or might not… the point is that the whole process is reduced to a trial-and-error methodology which might consume hours of productive work depending on the size of the database…

even installing an application over a wireless network is very dangerous.. all files may not be transferred ..

tablet pcs, by a common notion are understood to be used wirelessly… its a very convenient piece of gadget… but blindly relying on its wireless capabilities might prove disasterous.. whenever u want to do some installation or database modification over the network in a server-client environment, do it the ‘ol school way – use an ethernet cable… might make life a lil more depression free!!


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