bronx zoo

today went to the bronx zoo.. around 250 acres… largest urban zoo in the country… it was good but not great… theres a lot of shade there, so u wont be easily tired out… couple of things that i liked…

1. the skyfari ( a cable car that takes u from the northern end to the southern end of the zoo or vice versa )

2. the reptile house

3. asian monorail ( a train that takes u through an area that has animals u’ll find in asia. it goes on a mono rail that is high above the ground…)

i heard the congo gorilla jungle is good but didnt have time to see it… i also didnt see the “world of birds” place…

i recommend buying ticket online to avoid the Q at ticket counters… and when u buy a ticket, buy the $25 “pay one price” ticket that includes the shuttle bus rides, butterfly house, childrens zoo, asian monorail, bug carousel and skyfari ( u cud save just a couple of bucks if ur planning on seeing all of the before mentioned attractions) … the best wud be getting the $75 one year ticket that includes unlimited entry to all the five parks controlled by WCS (wildlife conservation society, namely the bronx zoo, queens zoo, prospect park zoo, new york aquarium and central park zoo ) and four parking passes ( a one day parking ticket is $8.00 ).. even better is the $90 which includes everything above plus one guest and unlimited number of rides at the parks… food in the park is expensive…

today there was an african drum and dance bash ( there will be one tomorrow too)… it was quite interesting… there were lot of traditional drums played by both men and women…. i found that certain african rhythms/patterns resemble the traditional “chenda melam” in kerala…


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