terminal services

i’ve got a xv6700 pocket pc phone… its made by a “obscurely known” company called HTEC (taiwanese company).. its got some collaboration with microsoft in making windows enables PDA, and makes most of the PDA phones in the world!! in  3 years it had a 1000% growth.. well theres something more cool than that..

my laptop connects to the internet via a linksys wireless router.. i enabled port forwarding on that router to port 3389 (the port that windows remote destop connection uses)..  i then used the terminal services client s/w on my phone to connect to the laptop’s IP.. a login screen appeared.. i entered the credentials, pressed login and then said……… “WOW!!” the desktop appeared as is on my phone.. well not really, i had to use the scroll bars on the phone to view the whole desktop.. but then “WOW!!” i can now connect to the laptop at home from anywhere in the US where there is verizon service… ( i’ve subscribed to verizons data plan that uses its ev-do network)

but there are some things to be noted..

1. lets say someone has logged onto the computer as administrator. and at the same time u log into the same computer from somewhere else using ur phone using the same credentials.. a message will pop on ur phone asking whether u really want to login, coz if u do, the person logged into the computer with the same credentials will be logged off. but before he is logged off, a window will open up on his end asking whether he want to allow a connection from outside.. not a biggie..
2. if u have a program like zone alarm running on ur computer, the connection from ur phone will be blocked unless u explicitly allow connections to port 3389


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