lately i was thinking of getting into some kind of investment… i was talking to a person and he told me about the potential of growth  of money in romanian markets.. romania is not an EU member now.. but it has signed an agreement that will make it a member on jan 1, 2007.  romania is majorly a poor country.. u can buy a huge house with arnd 5 bedrooms for  around $70,000 whereas in the US it would cost around $800,000..

history shows that in the initial years of becoming a member of the EU, economic growth is big… companies are looking forward to invest in EU member countries.. but they cant enter into the market before becoming an EU member.. so if u can get some place there before the investments start pouring in, then it would be great.. by 2010 or 2011, its currency will officially be euro… i c a lot of opportunities but the question is who can u rely, to put some money in romanian markets to invest wisely? any ideas anyone?


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  1. What kind of investments do you wan’t to make in romania ?
    Software companies , or in buildings ?
    Best thing is to do an research on the market before investing thouse money

    ps: me an linux admin / oss developer so i can’t give you the best financial advice

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