automatedqa products

automatedqa is a company well respected by testers. ive been using some of its products lately. its got a couple of good ones..

automtated build studio is a great macro builder. it integrates with all popular tools to automate processes. eg: heres a scenario i had to go through. i specified the files of the program, the .ocx to be registered, the misc setups to be run after the setup, icons to be put on the desktop, tasks to be executed and so on in INNO setup compiler. after the compilation process i had to put the firebird installation and the created setup in a self executing archive using WINRAR. automated build studio helps builds a macro that does all the above steps in a single click!

testcomplete is a testing tool that allows u to write scripts (in delphi, vb or c++) to test ur product. u can either record the test process or manually write a script. u can also take screen shots of the form or object properties and compare it programmatically with an expected result. pretty cool. testcomplete has recieved a lot of awards from the and delphi groups.

AQtime is the performance and memory profiler for Win32 and .NET applications. Over two dozen performance and memory profilers and productivity tools included. Big boys like macromedia and corel use this tool to do load testing


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