dumb and dumber!

who? ME!! so check this out.. i  plan a trip new york -> dallas -> houston -> new york.. all by flight.. this is what i intended,

leg 1 : new york -> dallas on september 1 evening

leg 2 : dallas -> houston on sept. 4 morninng

leg 3 : houton -> ny on sept 6 evening…

this is how i became dumb –  for the leg 3 part i kinda forgot the am-pm thing… soooo i now reach ny in the morning.. i called air trans and tried vainly explaining my stupidity.. it’ll cost $50 to “undo” the stupidity and additional $16 for one day changes in charges.. oh well, i guess ill just come in the morning 😦

this is how i became dumber –  for the leg 2 part, i forgot the am-pm thing again (*blushing*) aint i really stupid? and not just that.. i booked to arrive at george bush intn’l airport in houston that is about 50 miles away  from my relatives as opposed to the 25 mile away houson hobby airport!!.. this time i call american airlines and the sweet lady on the the other end kinda understood that i was dumb and changed my intenary timing and route free of charge.. otherwise the penalty would of been $100! lady, u deserve the nobel prize!!


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