hellooooo newyork. HURRICANE!!

heres some pieces of conversation i overheard in (chicken!!) nugget form!
– hurricane going to hit new york in 2006. and prolly a major one too

– Allstate insurance not giving out new home insurances in new york area. existing insurance ( if not coupled with auto insurances) are being sent back as non renewed (spooky!)

-water to enter through rockaway and flood parts of south queens and south long island. (tats near me!!)

-JFK airport to go under water (only couple of miles away from my place!)

-it seems this news was covered in CNN. (hmmm…. where was i??)

i went online to check whether anyone else heard about this news and surprisingly i came across this US representative press release… hope the fed or state dept are doing something abt it.. if not, people of NEW YORK… RED ALERT!!!

the fury of nature is not something that we puny humans can contain.


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