diff kinds of licenses..

there are days when suddenly a random thought, somewhere from out of the yonder blues pop up… today was such a day.. the thought was about s/w  licenses… (i know, pretty wierd!!) so to satisfy my freakish inquisitiveness i did a lil research on licenses.. there are licenses for commercial and non-commercial products. the commercial ones generally are :

1. Named User License

A named user license allows the software to be used by one user, named when you purchase the software. Named user licenses may be installed on multiple computers but they may only be accessed by the named user, they may not be shared in any way. A named user license may not be used concurrently on different computers.

2. Concurrent User License

A concurrent user license allows the software to be used by more than one user at the same site. The number of simultaneous users to the number of licenses purchased have a limit. Eg: 5 concurrent user licenses permit 5 users to access the software at the same time. A 6th user must wait until one of the current users exits the software. A concurrent user license is sometimes called a floating or shared license.

3. Site License

A site license permits an unlimited number of copies of the software to be installed within one specified site in an organization. An unlimited number of users may access the software simultaneously within the specified site. A site is defined as all of the purchasing organization’s locations within a specific radius in miles/km.

4. OEM License

An OEM license allows third-party software developers to bundle the purchased product with their non-competitive product.

5. Global License

Softwares that have a global license can be used at any number fo sites by any number of people.the non-commercial ones vary to a wide degree.. heres a link for those of u who want to know…


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