y i am not a member of the “giga” society…

giga society?? if u havent heard of this society, dont be surprised.. a lot many havent either… now the answer to the question y im  not a member of the giga society is, simply because my IQ (136 according to “tickle“) is way less than 196 and thus is not in the 99.9999999 ( yep, tats 7 decimal places aright!!)  percentile.. as of now there are only 6 people in the whole world that are part of this society… eventhough theyve got a high intellect, they’ve got a really bland site (u’ll need IE to view it properly). i guess their leftbrain:rightbrain proportion is 99.9999999:0.0000001 .. hee he.. heres a better overview of the society

so for those of u folks who cant make it to the giga society, theres the olympiq society (99.99997th percentile or an IQ of 180)… the word goes that anyone not member of these societies are plain ol losers (including me!!!).. so to all u homies out there.. PEACE!!


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