the attack of the poison ivy

so here i am sitting at home, scratching and itching hours and minutes of a wonderful weekand away.. face all swollen, hands all blistered, mind all bored.. reason? the 3 leaved POISON IVY i touched in the backyard!! (the rashes started showing its ugly face only after a few days) cant i go out? way no!! coz my face now looks like its been bitten by 20 bumble bees.. i dont want to be a public spectacle, nor do i enjoy the idea of being the subject of cosmetic jokes!

itching is caused by the plant oil. if u dont wash it away in 3 hours (which i obviously didnt!) by thoroughly cleansing ur affected areas 3 times, u’re going to have a wonderful itching experience tats going to last 1 to 2 weeks!! lets say ur now in the itching phase (pity pity!), then here are a couple of remedies..

1. U need to get rid of the plant-oil (urushiol) because after 3 hours it bonds tightly to the skin and it is the presence of this oil that starts rashes. No amount of regular washing will remove it. Not even by using banana peels or vinegar!! Use a product called zanfel (its expensive, around $40). Its a wash that takes care of the urushiol.

2. Use benadryl or some other ointment that has 2% or more hydrocortisone to relieve the itching 4-6 times a day..

Once u get into the itching phase, theres no other go but to let the rashes run its 1-2 week course.. u can get temp relief from ointments and really hot showers. i think i scratched 30 times already while typing this.. here ends another post.. (*scratching, itching and doing the iga wooga african dance with an anti-itch cream in left hand*).. lol.. for more details go here


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