firebird components

firebird is a free database engine which is fast and unlike sql server does not have to be detached from the processes when a snapshot is taken.. the latest version is 1.5.3 .. it supports .gdb and .fdb database types…

i was working on a setup program that installed an emergency server on one of the workstations when the database server is not available.. the program i created did a silent install of the firebird engine (by using the /SILENT command line parameter).. firebird has the following components


2.classic server


4.development and administration utilities


i thought just specifying a “superserver” component as a parameter would install the server, dev and admin utilities.. but oh was i wrong!! the program blew up during a live installation on a clients computer.. nor was the backup utility called fbak installed.. embarassing.. i had to explicitly specify the /Components=”superservercomponent, servercomponent, devadminutilities, clientcomponent” parameter.. all when you thought super was actually super.. i guess not.. oh well.. at least its working now!!

UPDATE: this post is getting a lot of hits… so for those of u who are curious abt the code in INNO, here it is:


Exec(ExpandConstant(‘{src}’) + ‘\Firebird-’, ‘/SP /SILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS=”SuperServerComponent, ServerComponent, DevAdminComponent, ClientComponent” ‘,”,SW_ShowNormal,ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode)


Exec(ExpandConstant(‘{src}’) + ‘\Firebird-’, ‘/SP /SILENT /NORESTART /COMPONENTS=”ClientComponent” /COPYFBCLIENT’,”,SW_ShowNormal,ewWaitUntilTerminated, ResultCode);


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