mta enemy #1 = heat!!

because of the ongoing onslaught of the summer heat, power consumption has risen tremendously thanks to all those a/cs running at full blast!! because of that, a lot of the older fuses are blowing up and hence power outages are on the rise.. the heat has affected mta the most, new yorks public transportation provider… because of the lower voltages, train signals are just working intermitantly.. there are lesser number of trains.. here’s an excerpt from mtas official site

“Due to ongoing concerns over electrical power supply in northern Queens……Because of the low-voltage problem, not enough power is available to power subway signals in the area. While generators have been brought in to control a portion of the signals, there are not enough working signals to safely support the normal levels of service along the line.”

the “F” train i normally take ran unexpectedly on the “E” line today.. it also halted in a tunnel for a bizarre 40 min !! the funny thing was that after the train entered manhattan, the people u normally see walking were dashing across the platform the moment the train doors opened since they were late for work.. hee he.. hope they didnt take out their frustration on the punching machine.. at many stations, mta let commuters enter without their metrocards ( an act of retribution??) because the metrocard machine was not working…

if a slight increase in heat could do so much damage to the normal functioning of an agency that caters to the transport needs of a couple of million people daily, i wonder what mtas future is in the current context of global warming…


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