lets say u come to know that a person u know has been diagnosed with a terminal disease… right before u pick up the phone to call him, u think of what words could give him some consolation.. u think and think and think.. u then make a decision… dont pick up that phone.. theres nothing to say… i think we can call this condition “aphonic

well.. im now “aphonic“.. a person i know has been diagnosed with bone cancer and his condition is rapidly deteriorating.. every time i look at the phone, i want to call him.. but what do i say? what can i say?

how u doing? i hope u get well. all those statements would definitely not carry any weight of a heavy heart.

but then words like, “im praying that God gives you grace to bear everything” might just give him a momentary bliss for knowing the fact that someone is concerned. i think i should do that. now all i need is to muster some courage to pick up that phone and say those words.. God help me…


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