I never really gave it a serious thought until now.. my life involved various kinds of activities that kept me too busy to even stop and think about it.. but around 3 months into work, i realised that i had entered into the viscious circle of life that consisted of the routine work-eat-sleep-work, i kinda jolted… i was in reality no different from a mechanical machine except for the fact that i had a real brain (small though!!) with blood pumping through it.

i dont believe that work is an end in itself. its just a means. a means to provide u with the basic necessity of life; food, clothing and shelter and prolly more (depending on ur paycheck!!) the ultimate end for physical survival is just that.. in that regard i was fulfilled. but the realisation that i had to turn into a living machine to reach that end kinda bothered my inner being until recently.

each person capable of rationale thinking has a philosophy of his/her own.. based on that philosophy one builds a wordview and observes, questions and answers through this window. now the questions is, does ur worldview give a logical and empirical explanation to some of the following questions of life?

1. its origin

2. its meaning

3. its destiny

4. its morality

the faith that i so dearly hold gives a satisfactory answer. once u realise that life has a meaning and a destiny, u strive to live out its inherent intent.. each life has a unique intent.  and this intent was ingrained into us by the creator of life, God. once u drift from that intent, u are in the deep waters of despair..

eventhough i am like a mechanical machine, im now trying to extend my functionality as a result of a better understanding of the purpose that was ingrained into my life. God, please awaken my senses and give me a better understanding of the purpose of my life, so that i may live it out and as a result experience the peace that transcendeth all understanding.


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