about Visual Data…

its a company that has a product named “Office Practicum” and an employee named beno mathew (tats me!!). this software is an EMR (electronic medical record) management software designed specifically for peadiatric practises, built on the true client server architecture.. the development of the product started in the late 80s by the husband of a peadiatrician (who is by the way very loving).. the company was formally established towards the latter half of the 90s… the product now has presence in 30+ states.. and in terms of quality, it proved itself much better than the products of big competitors that include the likes of GE and e-clinical works. its won first and second at TEPR (towards the electronic patient record) competition of 2005 and 2006 respectively.. in short this product is now becoming widely accepted by peaditricians.. its vaccine logic was implemented using artificial intelligence ( PROLOG).. the software is known widely for the vaccine algorithm..

working environment?
great!! very casual in conduct of relations and professional in terms of technical prowess.. most of the programming here is done in DELPHI.. the website and patient portal is in asp.net though..

.. im the youngest employee here.. the other programmers here have over a decade of programming experience (and all are married too!!).. lot of interesting work to do.. in fact, i just completed writing code for the client setup program and will begin working on dreamweaver, asp.net and plugin development starting tomorrow… i just hope that it stays this way..

latest news says that this company is going into the next phase of business by registering itself as a public limited company.. im defnintely buying some stocks!!


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