the unanticipated learning curve

reached US in Jan.. started working in March.. the skills that got me a job? some C#, wee lil SQl with MS Access (shameful even to mention!!) as also lil HTML.. and 4 months after work?? delphi, remote objects, dll programming, database migration and conversion, XML and XSLT 2.0, setup programming with INNO, ISTOOLS and SCRIPTMAKER.. heavy heavy.. (a lil abt each in the subsequent posts) still cant believe i endured through it all.. and my resume? added another page to it.. congrats to me!! (*blushing*)

thanks to the smarty pans at my work place, i’ve been able to cope with the steep learning curve.. and did i like it? boy, did i find it thrilling and so satisfying to overcome the higher standards set.. i hear theres more on the way.. and 3 tier development… sounds exciting..

i had two job offers to choose from when i was about to start… i agreed to join at adaptmedia ( the guys who put up digital signs on top of taxis in nyc, boston and some other cities.. its a multi million $$ mostly jewish company.. surprisingly there was only one programmer there.. java environment) but then i got an offer from Visual Data ( more about the company in the next post) . i weighed both the offers out and Visual Data weighed out more, but not by a tonne. it was hard calling up the first guys to cancel my first ever agreement!! (the receptionist there was soo nice).. but thank God i did.. Visual Data had more learning opportunities… i think the learning curve at adaptmedia would of been just a 10 degree line and not much more..

the decisive question was… 10 degree line or a steep curve?? i prefered the curve and choose Visual Data..


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