the fact about american happiness…

its now been 6 months since my foray into the land of enron scams, terrorist threats, rising interest rates and sinking happiness.. unhappiness in the land of abundance? yep.. take a look at the faces of people as u take a casual amble on the streets of nyc or glance at the faces of those riding the subway… i see a lot of unhappiness, restlessness, arrogance. if only more people would just realise that there are too few green bills chasing plenty goods… if only people would realise that life is short and that there’s much more to life than plunging into selfish desires… there are poor that need money, the blind man that needs a helping hand to get him on the train, the old shaking man that needs a seat on the bus, the guy playing the guitar on the corner that would value a dollar or two, the wobbling drunkard who tries to cross the road on a green light.. theres just so much help to extend.. i just wish i cud do it two verses to summarise my philosophy…

Ecclesiastes 1:8 Everything is so weary and tiresome! No matter how much we see, we are never satisfied. No matter how much we hear, we are not content.

1 Timothy 6:6 : Yet true religion with contentment is great wealth

and what is true religion? caring for the orphan, widows and anyone else that needs some helping hand.. its just not non rational thoughtless fanatacism.. its just not.. contentment with the available resources will be bring true happiness.. its all up to u to be happy .. ur circumstances might be an influence, but the decision still lies with u to be happy or not..


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